Welcoming together all migrants 

After arriving in France, we know that the road to integration can be challenging. We are by your side during this journey.  

Aclaam in a few words

With over 50 organisations members, Aclaam is a network of more than 600 volunteers working together to improve the situation of migrants and refugees and build an inclusive society. We are active in the Lyon area in the fields of housing, social support and legal advice. We are actively supporting more than 700 migrants form Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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Our area of activities

We provide support and services to our members in the following fields:



Being in the streets or in precarious housing has a negative impact on migrants’ situation. We believe that decent housing is a precondition for a productive and fulfilling life. We are offering our network with advices and services: insurances, housing opportunities, financial support…

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Legal advice

To obtain a residence permit can be quite a challenge. There is an increase of administrative barriers so we provide volunterrs and migrants with legal advice, legal fees and support throughout the asylum procedure.

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Animation du réseau 

Faire partie du réseau de l’Aclaam, c’est choisir de faire partie d’une dynamique collective et de partager son expertise ! Nous organisons des temps de rencontres mensuels, des formations et des événements à destination des bénévoles. L’Aclaam, c’est la force du réseau !

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Mental Health

Migrants can be exposed to stress and violence which affect their mental health and they lack access to mental health services. We work closely with partners to provide our network with support for Post traumatic stress disorder, individual counseling and support for volunteers involved.